A. H. Hamid, N. A. B. Masripan, J. Basiron, M. M. B. Mustafa, R. Hasan, M. F. B. Abdollah, R. Ismail


In this preliminary studies, friction and wear  properties of banana peel as a natural additive in paraffin oil was performed and evaluate using four-ball tester.  Inverted microscope then was used to measure the wear scar diameter on ball bearing. Coefficient of friction, µ and wear significantly reduced at high load, temperature and speed.  At 100 ºC, the load of 500 and 1000 N, the COF values reduces from 0.1163 to 0.1012 and 0.1235 to 0.1174 respectively.  At the same condition, WSD was found to decrease from 4.81 x 10-4 mm3 to 2.33 x 10-4 mm3 and 4.99 x 10-4 mm3 to 2.75 x 10-4 mm3 at 500 and 1000 rpm respectively.  


Banana peel; paraffin oil; friction and wear

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11113/jt.v77.6610


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