Feng Xian Tan, Srithar Rajoo, Meng Soon Chiong, Cheng Tung Chong, Alessandro Romagnoli, Masayuki Ochiai, Kishokanna Paramasivam, Aaron Edward Teo


Stringent emission rules, air pollution, fluctuation of fuel price and depletion of fossil fuel resources are driving the industry to seek for better alternative of power generation. Micro gas turbine (MGT) provides a promising potential to solve the facing problems. MGT could be used in many applications such as in range extender vehicle, auxiliary power generator, power backup system, combine heat and power system, etc. Combustor plays a very crucial role in MGT system as its performance directly affects the emission quality, power output and fuel consumption of the entire system. This paper demonstrates the literature review, design methodology and performance prediction of the combustor designed for a 14.5kW MGT test rig.


Combustor, micro gas turbine, single can, numerical simulation

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