Meng Soon Chiong, Muhamad Hasbullah Padzillah, Srithar Rajoo, Alessandro Romagnoli, Aaron W. Costall, Ricardo F. Martinez-Botas


The pulse flow performance of a turbocharger turbine is known to be different than its corresponding steady flow performance. This often leads to less-than-satisfactory 1D engine model prediction. In this study, the effectiveness of a 1D pulse flow turbine model is assessed against experimental data with the aid of 3D CFD model. The turbine under study is a single-entry variable geometry mixed-flow turbine. The result shows highly comparable pulse flow swallowing capacity and actual power characteristics between 1D and 3D models. The over-prediction in 1D actual power magnitude is found to be due to the simplification of combining nozzle and rotor stage pressure loss together.


1D, 3D, experiment, pulse flow, mixed-flow turbine

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