Muhammad Roslan Rahim, Mohammad Nazri Mohd Ja’afar


Development of combustion systems which involves retrofitting or design of new burners, is made to reduce the formation of pollutant emissions. The reduction of this pollutant emission results from the complete mixing of fuel and air during the combustion process. Meanwhile, non-complete mixing of fuel and air during combustion process can cause ignition problem and create problems in terms of flame stability and combustion efficiency. This article describes a study on the effects of swirling flow generated by a double radial swirler on flame characteristics that is related to the emission of NO. The double radial swirlers used in this study have the angles of 30°/40°, 30°/50° and 30°/60°. Diesel is used as a fuel in this study. The results show that all double radial swirlers used have different effects on the flame characteristics and temperature profile. From all these double radial swirlers, the one with an angle of 30°/60° produces flame with high temperature, short flame length with blue colour and wide spread.


Pollutants, swirling flow, double radial swirler, combustion

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