Denik Sri Krisnayanti, Soehardjono Soehardjono, Very Dermawan, Mohammad Sholichin


The stepped spillway has increasingly become effective energy dissipation. The stepped spillway has been accepted to be the most powerful hydraulic structure to dissipate large flow energy downstream from spillway crest. The steps act as roughness elements significantly increase the dissipation energy rate. The physical study has performed on flat and pooled stepped spillways with a slope spillway    (θ = 45˚) and number of steps (N): 20 and 40. The experiments were conducted for ten Froude number (Fr) run ranging from 1.117 to 9.909 with 0.700<yc/h<3.00. The focus of research to investigate the relationship between relative energy losses in skimming flow performance against Froude number on various stepped. The effect of number of steps is evident when the relative energy loss increases with the number of steps. In addition, the relative energy loss of flow on pooled steps is dissipating more energy than flat steps.


Energy dissipation, flat steps, pooled steps

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11113/jt.v78.5973


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