Umbrin Sultana, Azhar Khairuddin, A. S. Mokhtar, Sajid Hussain Qazi, Beenish Sultana


The interest of electric utilities in distributed energy resources has increased in terms of maximising the latter’s technical, economic and  environmental benefits. This paper presents a Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) -based approach for optimal placement and sizing of multiple Distributed Generation (DG), aimed at reducing active and reactive energy losses in the distribution system. Power system constraints, such as voltage magnitude limits and current boundaries are also considered. Recently, a swarm intelligence technique, namely, GWO was introduced, which is inspired by grey wolves strategy and utilises four categories of grey wolves (alpha, beta, delta and omega) to simulate a leadership hierarchy. The GWO technique and two other popular methods Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) – are here tested on 15- and 33-bus radial distribution systems. The numerical results obtained using these methods are compared, with the best performance recorded via the proposed GWO method in terms of not only active and reactive energy loss but also voltage profile and convergence characteristics.


Grey Wolf Optimizer, Distributed Generation, Distribution System, Energy Losses, Voltage Profile

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