Machining Pits on the Curvature Surface Cup Using Spark Process

Syahrullail Samion, Md Razak Daud, Azli Yahya, Norzahir Sapawe, Nazriah Mahmud, Nor Liyana Safura Hashim, Kartiko Nugroho


In this study, investigations have been conducted using electrical discharge process (die-sinker) to obtain new surface in metal hip implant, which place pit on the surface of curvature cup. A circular array of pit in circle shape was successfully created on the surface of acetabular. There are 8 pits that have been embedded on the surface area of the acetabular by each diameter machine and the depths are 1.1 mm and 0.5 mm respectively. This new surface improvement will prolong the life span of the implant due to lubrication activities in hip tribology.


Die-sinker; pit; curvature cup; surface modification

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