Comparative Study on Prediction of Axial Bearing Capacity of Driven Piles in Granular Materials

Ehsan Momeni, Harnedi Maizir, Nurly Gofar, Ramli Nazir


Estimation of axial bearing capacity plays an essential role in pile design. A part from semi-empirical and numerical methods, axial bearing capacity of piles can be either predicted by means of a maintain load test or dynamic load test. The latter test is based on wave equation analysis and it is provided by Pile driving analyzer (PDA). Combination of wave equation analysis with dynamic monitoring of the pile can result in prediction of axial bearing capacity of the pile and its distribution. This paper compares the axial capacity of pile obtained from PDA records and  maintain load test (static load test) with predicted axial capacities obtained using analytical, empirical and finite element analysis. From the results it is observed that axial bearing capacity derived from numerical modelling with the aid of the finite element code, Plaxis, is in a good agreement with estimated axial capacity through analytical-empirical methods, PDA, and maintain load test.


Axial capacity; skin resistance; PLAXIS; PDA; driven pile

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