Al-Amshawee Sajjad, Yeit Haan Teow, Abdul Wahab Mohammad Hussain


Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is a massive problem to the environment, primarily waterway as it contains a considerable range of pollutants. Therefore, while enjoying the high revenue from palm oil industry, the palm oil industry responsibility towards the POME treatment must be taken into consideration. Along with the development of sustainable engineering concept, many researchers have focused on inventing a system that does not compromise the natural environment or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This study aimed to investigate the feasibility of using integrated biofilm treatment/membrane filtration process in producing recyclable and reusable water by manipulating the biofilm carrier type and the biofilm treatment HRT. The combined system of biofilm and membrane had delivered 98.6, 99.98, 97.5, 100, and 99.87% of COD, Turbidity, MLSS, TSS, and ammoniacal nitrogen removal, respectively. The produced permeate from aerobic POME remediation by biofilm/ membrane filtration system meets the III and IV class of the National Water Quality standards of Malaysia for water supply (Extensive treatment is required), and fishery (livestock drinking) purpose.


Palm oil mill effluent, integrated system, biofilm treatment, membrane filtration, water treatment

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